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Expressing lustful feelings and raw sexuality can be very enabling to a wife and husband who live the cuckold lifestyle. Why not share yours?

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My husband Gary and I have always had this fantasy about him watching me suck another guy's cock. He is always telling me that I am fantastic at sucking cock. Actually, he isn't the first to tell me that! I LOVE to suck dick and I think about it all the time!

Well, it just so happens that we had a friend of ours over for dinner last night! We had been friends with he and his wife for years. We did things together as couples all the time. Our kids are all grown and gone now so we are used to getting naked and jumping in the jacuzzi with them whenever they come over! We used to taese each other's spouses a lot but we never had sex or even any sexual contact.

That changed one evening and I still think about sucking his hard cock from time to time. It felt so good and hard in my hand and just kinda happened. I love sucking the most but I have given him a hand job a couple of times after that first encounter too. One time we all laughed really hard when he shot his load into my hair from three feet away while I was stroking his dick! The first experience happened when he recently divorced and we remained friends with him while his wife moved out of state. He came over often and would say he is really hurting for sex!!

He was telling us that he was so horny he could hardly stand it!! So with a wink at me, Gary suggested that we all get in the spa like we used to when his wife was with us! His cock was already rock hard when he pulled his pants off! It sprang out of his pants like a coiled snake!! It was about 2/3rds above the waterline in the pool so I reached over and took it in my hand like I had imagined several times before. He started to roll his eyes back in his head! I said, Well, "Gary is always telling he wants to watch me such another guys cock"??

Gary said, how sweet of you to want to help out our friend in his time of need babe!! So, since I already had his hard dick in my hand, I leaned forward and guided his hard cock into my mouth!! Gary was thrilled by all this and urged me on!! Our friend was so excited that he raised the rest of the way out of the water and sat on the edge of the spa so I had access to his whole cock! I have learned to control my gag reflex so I was able to take all of him deep inside my throat. He liked it and wanted it deeper and Gary said that my jaws had to get used to being open that wide!

It wasn't very long until he pumped a HUGE load down my throat!! Gary saw his cock pumping cum down my throat and said "damn, you are going to chock her"!! I continued to suck him for a few more minutes as he softened to give Gary an even better show! Gary had a great view of me sliding that hard cock in and out of my mouth!

Gary loved it but it was still a huge risk for me!! I had never done it before and wasn't sure it was the right thing to do although I was in heaven. Our friend slid off of the edge into the pool and lifted me up on the edge and started licking my soaking wet pussy! He was attacking my pussy! WOW! I was suprised that he was so eager and that Gary just went with it as we had never discussed this. He gives phenominal pussy head. I came right away!

Gary stepped in front of him and fucked me hard right in front of our friend!! Gary told him, "too bad you are soft or you could have seconds!"

Well, I said, I bet I could get him hard again!! Which I did! He lasted a lot longer in my pussy than he did in my mouth!! I had cum driping into the pool like mad as our friend fucked me like mad too!! My head was spinning with excitement!! It was great to suck and be fucked by a strange cock while Gary watched! It was a huge turn on for both of us! Needless to say, our friend feels much better!!

I said, "you know I always call you on your proposals honey". He said, "I'm glad you did sweetheart"!

Lisa & Gary


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