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Expressing lustful feelings and raw sexuality can be very enabling to a wife and husband who live the cuckold lifestyle. Why not share yours?

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My wife used to work in a bar and had most of the single guys chasing her, she wore stockings and suspenders and quite a few of the guys knew. Some nights she would come home with her panties soaking from the attention she got. One guy in particular, only working in the area on short term contract, really had the hots for her. He asked if my wife if she would go out with him, he knew she was married, and she agreed. She told me and I agreed she could go, after all I have a very small dick and knew she needed more.

I helped her to get ready, she wore tiny panties, stockings, shortish dress which showed off her beautiful tits which were pushed up with a quarter cup bra. I knew she would be in for a great evening when she left to meet the guy. He had arranged to meet my wife in a bar close to his flat.

I was beside my self with excitement, trying to guess how she was getting on. In the end I went to bed and got an erection wondering what was happening to my wife. She arrived home some time later and I had fallen asleep.

My wife woke me by undressing and getting on top of me, I was on my back. I woke up with her sliding her soggy cunt up my body to my mouth. There was a trail of cum up my body, my cock went hard and she proceeded to tell me what she and her new friend had been doing. I thought she might look guilty but she looked almost like she needed more? I could tell by the feel of her cunt that she had had it used very well and I felt moistness all over my body as she slid it up by to be honest, I was taken by surprise.

She was really in control here and I knew she had a good time, but not only that. She was like an animal.

She finally put her cunt on my face and squeezed it hard with her thighs and I felt I had no chice but to clean her up - which is what I was dying to do anyway. So as I was cleaning the creamie she told me the details. They went back to his flat which was on the first floor and as she walked ahead, on the staircase, he could see her stocking tops. As they walked into his flat he put his arms around her and felt her tits through the dress, she could feel his erection against her bum, which she wiggled to his deep pleasure.

After some kissing and feeling of her erect nipples and wet cunt they just fucked for the next couple of hours in his bed. My wife told him she was not on the pill because I was unable to make her pregnant but he said it didn't matter as he would pull out before cumming. She enjoyed it so much and came at leased three times and told him she wanted to feel his cum inside. He fucked her twice, missionary and doggy.

As she finished telling me she slid back down my body and guided my dick into her. She told me she needed to use me to relieve some of the pressure her cunt was feeling as retelling the detials made her hot all over again. She bounced up and down while I caressed her tits and gently sucked her sore nipples. This helped her to another orgasm which caused me to cum into her already wet pussy. I felt good as it was rare that she could cum while we fucked.

Since then she hasn't seen anybody else but we talk about that everytime we hit the sack and she always gets very wet and hasa big orgasm while I am inside her.



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