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Expressing lustful feelings and raw sexuality can be very enabling to a wife and husband who live the cuckold lifestyle. Why not share yours?

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I am a very open minded guy and I recently told my girlfriend that I wanted her to be completley free to think, do, have, or say anything she wants in our relationship. Including sexually. It took her a little while to fully appreciate what that actually meant but since then she has taken the idea and run with it.

It then took no time for this sweet basically innocent, ( relativley inexperienced sexually ) but very hot and sexy woman turn into a complete self confessed dirty slut. Well cum slut is what she often says. She now craves cock and dreams every day of fulfilling her fantasies and becoming a hot slut girlfriend. Or 'my' hot slut girlfriend as she likes to say.

Its taken a matter of weeks for her to go from wanting a 3 way to wanting to be gang fucked and covered in cum while I watch. She wants to suck 'new' cocks while I watch. She wants to go out by herself and fuck strangers and film it for me. She has lately been saying that She wants me to get her ready, pick her clothes and take her to another guy's place where him and his mate will fuck the shit out of her while I wait at home for her to return.

Things seem to have taken quite a turn for her lately after a particular incident. One morning after one of her usually filthy dreams she felt the need to email me all the details because it was so incredibly hot. The trouble is she not only sent it to me but she sent it to her boss also. The thing that makes it even more interesting is that he is also my boss. So now I am not the only one at work who knows she is a whore. The folloing is an excerpt from the email about her dream.

I was sitting on the floor in between your legs in my panties and you asked me to get the door and I just walked over and answerd it. As I got there I looked back at you and you gave me this awesome look that was so hot that I had done it. I was not just topless I was naked accept a pair of panties. I did not say anything just walked back in, they stood there and I got on my knees undid their pants. I got these huge cocks out, looked at you and started sucking on them. They did not say anything. They just held onto my hair and pulled me from one to the other, dirty hot! It felt hot and I was so excited to finally have these big cocks and you were so turned on to finally see it happen and to give me what I wanted. I was so turned on and loving it so when you said "have you had enough" I was like 'hell no!' not thinking that you had more for me, just that you meant have I had enough of what was there then 2 more came in and I was like fuck yeah, you are so fucking hot to do this for me and you were like, 'you are such a slut to suck all those cocks' but you could not get enough either and that's why they kept coming in. You were as hot for it as I was. I kept looking at you while they were shoving their cocks deep in my mouth and you were hard as fuck and wanting me and gave me the hottest looks when you called me a whore or a slut it was fucking hot!!!I was just being pulled from one to the other and then I would have 2 or 3 shoved in my face. When they were cumming I was still on my knees , holding my tits with my mouth open and they were all tossing themselves off in my mouth and on my face. I was covered and then I started sucking all their cum off their cocks. Each and every one of them until I got the last drop. Then with my face and body covered in cum I crawled over to you. Lowered myself on to your cock slowly, looking at you with my cum covered face and it was so intense and then I started riding you while I rubbed all the cum in my body and mouth. Dirty, dirty hot dream and just makes the real thing so much more exciting !!!

So that is the email she sent to our boss and me. You can imagine what our sex life is like and she hasn't even done anything with anyone yet! She seems to have no bounds.

I will attach some pics so you can see just how hot she is and how much damage she can do.




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