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Expressing lustful feelings and raw sexuality can be very enabling to a wife and husband who live the cuckold lifestyle. Why not share yours?

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After several years of back and forth talk between my husband and myself, we decided to take the plunge and just go for it. He wanted me to fool around with other men and it took us a good 2 years to work out the details and feelings we'd have to deal with. So, I went online and placed an ad looking for a male who wanted to help us out with our arrangement and had several replies. After weeding out all the jokesters and people looking for a woman for their wife, I ran across one that sounded very interesting. The best part was that he was married as well so I didn't have to worry about anyone getting attached. We exchanged a few emails and pictures and set up a time and place to meet.

Danny walked in the door and I knew immediately it was him. I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. The pictures he sent me were accurate and he never tried to play any games with me. He simply needed to be discreet and I fit the bill, since I did too. We had a few drinks in a dark out of the way bar and talked for awhile. Before I knew it, we were getting closer and closer together until he reached over and kissed me. Then he whispered into my ear... "Are you ready for what we talked about"? I was wet immediately.

Ten minutes later, we were in a hotel two blocks behind the bar and couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. Laying me gently onto the bed, he kissed me all over..... every inch of my body without ever touching my pussy. Then he turned me onto my stomach and began to massage my back and shoulders. I could feel his erection move from one end of my back to the other, and down my legs, as he touched all the right spots to make me moan. With no warning, he flipped me onto my back and dove his tongue into my already soaked pussy. The minute he began to nibble and suck on my clit, I started to cum. I couldn't hold back any longer. Then, it was his turn to moan. My juices flooded his face and chin as he continued to lap at my pussy.

At that point, I started to beg...... "Please fuck me now, please. I need to feel you inside me". He continued to lick and suck my pussy making me clench my fists and curl my toes. Over and over again he made me cum with his tongue, his lips, his teeth nibbling on my clit. By that point, all I could say was "Oh my God, oh my God!" And then, "fuck me, pleeeeeeezze"!!!

Again, with no warning, he moved quickly up my body and entered me ever so slowly.... teasing me, making me beg for more. He gave me a long, slow, wet kiss while he teased me with his cock, making sure I could taste every drop of my pussy all over his chin. I could hear the wetness as he slid one inch, then two into me and then pulled back out. I continued to beg to be fucked. He was having entirely too much fun keeping me on the edge. Every time I would raise my hips to feel more of him inside of me, he would pull out completely and kiss me again. The taste of my pussy on his lips and tongue was making me scream to be fucked.

Finally, it happened. With one long powerful thrust, he slammed the entire 6 inches of his hardness into my cunt. I began to cum immediately. I'd already had more orgasms in one afternoon with this man than I'd had with my husband in months put together. I screamed his name over and over as he pounded himself into me. My legs were wrapped high around his back and then his neck, allowing me to feel every inch, every vein in his rock hard cock. He continued to pump me hard and fast and I knew then that this wouldn't be our last time. I was sooooo right!

Finally, I heard him moan as his cock got harder and harder until he exploded inside me with such force, his cum immediately began to spill out of me. I could feel the heat run down my ass as the massive amount of his juices continued to drain from his spent cock.

Knowing we didn't have much time left, we laid together for a bit exploring each other, kissing, touching and causing another short go round when he started to get hard again. Not messing around this time, he immediately impaled me with his cock and fucked me non stop for another ten minutes. Grabbing my arm, he lead me to the bathroom, where we both jumped in the shower to rinse off the tell tale signs and smells before we went back to our respective spouses.

Halfway through the shower, with both of us all soaped up and slippery he had me bent over the side of the tub, where he finished what he started the second time in the bed. This one was hard, fast and to the point. No kisses, no sensual touching...... just a hard, fast fuck before we had to go. He blew another load inside of me, after which we finished the shower and went our separate ways. My clit was still throbbing and my pussy swollen when I walked in my front door with a smile on my face. Told my husband all about it and went to bed again with a sore pussy.

Danny and I now have a standing date twice a week. Every time we're together, the sex gets hotter, lasts longer and gets just a little kinkier than it was the time before. Those are stories in and of themselves! :-) We've now been able to find a friend who allows us to use his place so we don't have to get a motel every time. Sometimes, the friend leaves us alone, sometimes he hangs out in the apartment. We've later found that when he doesn't leave, he blows a load of his own while he listens to me getting the fucking of my life. He's even mentioned wanting to join in the fun too at some point, so we'll have to see what happens in the future. In the meantime, think of me every Wednesday night from 7 to 10. I'll be in a bed somewhere, whether it be in a motel or at his friend's house. But in any case, for at least 3 or 4 hours a week, Danny will be deep in my pussy....... with his tongue, as well as his cock. And then there is that added extra benefit of being able to kiss and lick my pussy juice off his face when he's done! The best part is that my husband loves it and wants me to continue. We are now having sex 4 times per week and it is good! Our love life has flourished and it has gotten us feeling closer to each other.



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